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The yoga, strengthening, and stretching classes help decrease tight muscles, improve fascial mobility and improve blood flow through the body

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We welcome everyone to our yoga classes and massage therapy. Come in and enjoy the comfort of small classes, one on one instruction in a warm environment

Massage Therapy

Life is good.  Treat yourself to a relaxing massage Massage sessions by appointment only Our focus is to...

Tai Chi

Work on balance incorporated by slow movements and control breathing to strengthen your body This is a great...

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Thank you so much for making it possible for me to have Melea give me a massage.  She was wonderful- really gave me a work over- it was so good.  I enjoyed her as well as her work.  And thank you, Julie for taking the time to work with me.  I so appreciate it.  I’ve been working on exercises and am definitely seeing improvement and some welcomed relief.  Thank you too, for your particular care for both of my mother and sister.  I am so thankful knowing you are working them each through very difficult issues.   You are a blessing to our family.  Thank you so much!


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